Pancake mix

This has to be my best foodie make this Christmas! My cousin Adam is coeliac so I had the idea of making him a jar of gluten-free pancake mix, to which he could just add milk (dairy or dairy-free). I like to keep a good stock of empty jars for such occasions, although of course, … More Pancake mix

Festive foods

Now that the festivities of the big day are over, I think it’s safe to share some of the foodie gifts I made for Christmas… Mince pies are a must-make for me at Christmas, and this year I made them using all-organic ingredients so that I could give some to my friend Lisa and her … More Festive foods

Baked tofu

For some reason, I don’t often bake tofu. I tend to fry it or throw chunks of it into the saucepan with the vegetables I’m cooking – it’s just quicker and easier that way. But recently, I had a bit more time and a lot of tofu to use up before its use-by date, so … More Baked tofu

Aquafaba experiments

Have you heard about aquafaba? It’s a revolutionary discovery for vegans and anyone on an egg-free diet! Aquafaba is just a fancy word for bean liquid, which many of us would usually just throw away, but it can actually be used as a replacement for egg whites. I know it sounds strange, but it really … More Aquafaba experiments

Autumn fruits

I love this time of year, with its abundance of fruits: apples, pears, plums, blackberries… In my social circle, these fruits are often gathered and given for free – a wonderful reminder of the human potential for generosity, sharing, community and eliminating waste. That makes me smile. I’m usually more than happy to accept offers … More Autumn fruits